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Here at Dunford Roofing, Inc. we believe in doing a great job no matter what size project you have. From repair and maintenance on residential homes here in Tazewell County Virginia to large commercial roofing installations in Tennessee, West Virginia or North Carolina our service crews take pride in a job well done. As you will see while looking through our website we offer a variety of services with most roofing materials including single-ply commercial roofs, hot asphalt roofs, standing seam metal roofs, slate roofs or asphalt shingle roofs. Dunford roofing provides turn-key installations because we have our own sheet metal fabrication facility for all roof systems.

In today's economy though you may not want to invest in that new roof just yet and that is why we also specialize in breathing new life into your existing one with our repair and maintenance services. Whatever your budget, our team will engineer and deliver a solution just for you. Call us today at (276) 988 - 2309 and let us show you the Dunford Roofing difference!

Virginia Contractor  - Class A 029663
West Virginia Contractor - WV004204

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